About the Show:

Overwhelmed by the never-ending onslaught of superhero films, Pat Brown decided it was time to start a podcast to help make sense of it all. And who better to serve as cohost than longtime friend, fellow writer, and lover of all things Marvel, Sarah Gorr?

Together, they put their film degrees to use watching and dissecting everything from Superman (1978) and Black Panther (2018) to whatever comes next and all the weird one-offs in between.

They'll watch it all so you don't have to.


About Pat Brown:

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Pat Brown is a film scholar and critic who may finish his dissertation one day, but in the meantime is yelling about movies on this podcast and on The Cinessential. He's also, in theory, an avid gamer, but budget constraints mean he's mostly a pen and paper gamer these days.

He can be tweeted at @psaxt and otherwise ignored.


About Sarah Gorr:

Sarah Gorr is managing editor of The Cinessential and a dedicated film-lover whose career highlights include shaking Willem Dafoe's hand, ruining a take of Fred Claus, and getting followed by FilmCritHulk on Twitter. She believes that while not all dogs are created equal, they should definitely be able to vote.

Follow her on Twitter at @sgorr or read her work on The Cinessential.


About Jesse W. Johnson:

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Jesse W. Johnson is a Chicagoland musician whose music combines gothic guitar riffs with a little bit of twang. His band, Jet W. Lee, performs Futility Belt's theme song "World of Blur" off the album Western Nightmare (2013).

Listen to his most recent album, American Dumpster (2017), on SoundCloud and check his website for upcoming tour dates.